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One of the great pleasures of doing this newsletter, and business, is that I get to talk to some really great people and listen to some wonderful stories.   As a result of last months Down Memory Lane I got to talk to Penny Phillips in Magaliesburg about her Great Grandmother "French Marie", who was an extraordinary women in the very early days of Rhodesia; adventuress, brothel keeper, inn keeper, cattle rustler and more.  Her story has been added to Rhodesia's Pioneer Women section.   I hope you get as much pleasure from it as I did.

There are many more stories and anecdotes out there and I am beginning to feel the urgency of collecting them and recording them somewhere for posterity.  None of us are getting younger!   So with that urgency in mind we are doing a serious revamp of our Memory Lane section, it will be re-titled "Rhodesian Memories" and in addition to the regular Down Memory Lane and History Trivia, we would like to make it a repository of history - a place where your stories can be told and recorded for the future.   Please, if you have a story - no matter how big or small - send it to us and we will include it in the new Rhodesian Memories Section. And if you have photos, we would like as many as you are willing to provide.  They will be published as photo albums on the site so others can enjoy them too.

We are also doing some major reconstruction of our web site.  We now have a whole new Memorabilia Section, a section called The BSAP Collection, and coming soon ones on the Security Forces and other areas of specific interest.  So, just keep checking back and see how we are coming along.

Lastly, we are really pleased with our latest DVD called Rhodesian Spotlight.  A collection of 22 old News Reels from the days of the Federation (some called Rhodesian Spotlight, some Federal Spotlight).  They provide a wonderful window into the history, life & people of the country back then.   Right now you can get the double DVD set for $49.95 with free shipping worldwide.

Have a great February and remember (for those of us north of the Equator) - Spring is not far away thank goodness.

Until next month.

Dave Cushworth



Pioneer Women


On a dark wall in the dining-room of the Rhodes Inyanga Hotel is a brass plaque bearing the uninspired statement, THIS ROOM WAS OCCUPIED BY C. J. RHODES WHEN STAYING AT INYANGA ESTATES.

Visitors who chance to read the plaque may wonder under what circumstances Rhodes, a very busy financier, a mining magnate and a politician, became interested in the Inyanga area, remote as it must have been when he was alive.


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Latest News from Zimbabwe

Memories of Rhodesia is committed to supporting those old-age pensioners that are economic prisoners in Zimbabwe. 10% of our revenue goes to this cause. Working with Hope Unlimited, an established Christian organization, 100% of all monies are channeled through them. The funds are then donated to SOAP, which is doing a great job caring for the aged. The reports we get back from Zimbabwe are extremely encouraging, knowing that we (and that includes you) have kept some of our dear old folk alive.

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Community & Customer Services Notes

The Rhodesian Community is unique. Connected through its common experience of a beloved country and loyalties, it still demonstrates that wonderful spirit of camaraderie and support. They are some of the friendliest, warm-hearted people the world has known. The bonds forged in the communities, large and small, throughout Rhodesia, still hold strong today in this new worldwide community.

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We at Memories of Rhodesia want to help encourage and foster this continuing sense of community - long lost friends and acquaintances being found, new ones being made, Rhodesians dealing with Rhodesians; engendering the Rhodesian spirit among black and white alike.

Now in Australia.   Memories of Rhodesia now has an office in Brisbane.  Please feel free to contact them.  Details can be found on our Contact Page.

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A 2-disc collection of over 20 News Reels that record the life, events, people and news of the day. A great historical record of life in Rhodesia.



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Barrier Tobacco
Action & Drama in Rhodesia
The story of Rhodesian Tobacco




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The New Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation

Broadcasting the sights and sounds of Rhodesia via the Internet.

Listen to the music, the original radio programs, watch the TV programs - all online at the new Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation.   Check out the latest additions, plus download a number of songs and videos into iTunes.

You will need broadband to fully experience this site - access for slower connections is now available on most newsreels.

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The wonderful story of Brick Bryson's life in Rhodesia. A story of growing up and living in Rhodesia before and after WW2.

He writes "Rhodesia was such a wonderful country in which to grow up and live, that I decided to call the Book TATENDA. Thanks indeed, to Rhodesia, for the lives we led, and the upbringing Audrey and I, and our two daughters, were so privileged to have.


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Set against the backdrops of the genocidal massacre of thousands of tribes people in Matabeleland in the 1980s and, more recently, the tragic dark cloud which descended upon Zimbabwe in the year 2000, a roller coaster ride takes the reader through tribal superstition and legend, murder, courage and romance. Trevor Lawson and friends find themselves embroiled in espionage involving the CIA and other intelligence agencies, the traumatic events of a nation on the brink of anarchy, and the exciting quest to unravel the secret of a priceless ancient relic." The foreword was written by Chris Munnion, Africa correspondent of the Daily Telegraph for over 20 years. His final paragraph reads "It is against a disturbing backdrop that Glenn Macaskill has set this story. As a long-serving policeman in the former Rhodesia, he has a depth of knowledge of the country and its people that gives his novel the depth, breadth and pace of a breaking news story the end of which will have to await history's judgement."

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